Frontier Commodities Launches to Unlock Unique Absolute Return Opportunities in Global Commodities

ZUG, Switzerland –
June 11, 2024

Frontier Commodities (“Frontier”), an innovative, absolute return commodities strategy, today announced its launch. Frontier’s strategy for professional investors will focus on long/short investments in metals, energy, agricultural, and environmental commodities.

Frontier employs a unique approach to commodities investing, applying a “quantamental” trading style that integrates high-conviction fundamental analysis with advanced systematic and risk management execution. Frontier utilizes a proprietary AI-powered database and algorithms as well as a deep, established network of commodities experts to inform its investment decision making process.

Frontier is led by Aline Carnizelo, Managing Partner, who is supported by an experienced in-house team. Carnizelo has 18 years of experience in cross-assets investments, including derivatives trading, structured products, interest rates modeling, fundamental research, AI / big data analytics, ESG and risk management.

“We firmly believe commodities as an investable asset class are crucial to achieving long-term return targets and dynamic diversification for investors,” said Carnizelo. “Companies are changing the way they source materials and produce goods as a result of climate change and geopolitical risks, driving a secular trend that provides opportunities for specialists in the commodities industry. Through Frontier, we are developing a data-driven strategy that is aimed to provide an inherent hedge to the inflationary environment and supply chain disruptions by tapping into the opportunity for commodities this secular trend has created.”

“Investors should not have to tolerate elevated volatility to participate in commodity price upside,” continued Carnizelo. “Our team has a multiple-year track record of investing through the peaks and troughs of markets. We are excited to build Frontier and a strategy that navigates the myriad of themes driving the cross-commodity universe, including higher inflation, energy transition, geopolitical risk hedges, commodities volatility and carbon allowance market growth.”


About Frontier Commodities

Frontier Commodities is a dedicated commodities investment strategy. With a specialized team of cross-commodity investment experts and a unique quantamental approach to trading and risk management, Frontier aims to provide investors with differentiated, superior risk-adjusted returns throughout the investment cycle.

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Thomas Conroy
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Environmental commodities are the tradable credits resulting from regulations on emissions which quantify the cost and volume of pollution. These are typically policy-driven financial instruments that have been established to incentivize the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Ferrous Complex

The Ferrous Complex is a group of commodities composed of iron (Fe) and steel products. The products have been around in various forms for centuries, and are vital for the construction, manufacturing, transportation and infrastructure sectors. Futures trading has only been developed over the last 20 years.


Agricultural Commodities, also known as Soft Commodities, are raw materials and products derived from farming activity and are crucial for sustaining global food supplies. Pricing can be significantly influenced by supply issues such as weather and crop decisions. Futures trading in agricultural commodities has been active for over 150 years.

Energy Products

Energy Products encompass various commodities crucial for producing and consuming energy. They have historically been primary sources for generating power, fueling transportation and supporting industrial processes worldwide. Futures trading of these markets were established in the 1980s.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals refer to rare metallic elements known for their high economic value and aesthetic appeal, with futures trading established in the 1970s. There are primary precious metal mines, but the minerals are also recovered as by-products or co-products when present in the deposit as they generate high value credits for the operation.

Energy Metals

Energy Metals is a relatively new classification for the industry, inspired by the increasing use of these minerals in energy applications such as batteries where market expansion far outpaces overall economic growth. This is an emerging futures trading market, with contracts only recently established.

Base Metals

Base Metals are commonly used metals in industrial applications such as construction, transportation, manufacturing and electrical components. Pricing is influenced by economic activity expectations and consumer confidence. Trading base metal future contracts is well established, with some markets going back nearly 150 years.


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